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FRANKLIN & FRANKLIN, PA is a full service accounting firm with over 50 years of experience serving clients locally in Matthews and Charlotte, NC as well as across the United States with:

  • Tax Return Preparation for Individuals, Small Business and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Monthly Accounting and Financial Statement compilations for Small Businesses and Churches
  • Audited and Reviewed Financial Statements for Churches and Nonprofit Organizations used for lending and grant requirements and also to assure entity integrity and accountability
  • Consulting regarding business start-ups, financial planning, and the review and analysis of existing accounting systems and procedures

FRANKLIN & FRANKLIN, PA strives to offer an ongoing personal relationship with high quality services and integrity. Licensed CPA , Certified Public Accountants.

Franklin & Franklin, PA provides certified public accounting services for the residents of North Carolina and South Carolina. With decades of combined experience working with individuals, nonprofit organizations, churches, and small businesses, Franklin & Franklin, PA have helped hundreds of clients to realize their potential through sensible accounting solutions.

From budget management, to tax return preparation, to consultations that can give insight into places where money can be saved, our services are perfect for individuals and groups that need third party accounting that they can trust.

We've worked with hundreds of clients across many different markets and walks of life, and have the combined experience and education to provide sensible accounting solutions to organizations and individuals of many different financial backgrounds.

Our Services Include:
  • Tax Return Preparation for Individuals, Small Businesses, and Nonprofit Organizations
    Ready for that time of the year? Don't be so sure. You might be missing out on valuable deductions in your tax return, or you could be setting yourself up for an audit from the IRS. If you've ever had any financial issues with your tax return, or if you just want to make sure that it's handled professionally, we're here to help.
  • Monthly Accounting for Small Businesses and Churches
    Balancing your books and keeping track of your expenses, inventory, and various monthly fees can take time away that you need to actually run your business. Hiring your own accountant on staff can be costly. Let us handle your accounting for you.
  • Audited and Reviewed Financial Statements for Churches and Nonprofit Organizations
    Get the assistance you need for lending, grant requirements, and to assure entity integrity and accountability for your church or nonprofit organization. An audit or review could save you months of legal or financial stress.
  • Consulting
    Get professional, financial consultation for business start ups, financial planning, and reviews of your current accounting system and solutions. With our third party consultation services, we provide an in-depth analysis of how your current system could be improved to save money, identify losses, and improve your financial stability.

It's no secret that accounting is an important part of every day life. From reviewing your bank statements, to considering how you're going to spend your weekly or monthly budget in a household, recognizing areas where you could be saving money is a big step toward achieving financial success and stability. It's just as true for businesses as it is for individuals and families, too.

Small businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations can really benefit from the type of CPA services that Franklin & Franklin, PA provides. If you need a church CPA, non profit accounting service or a church audit there's no replacement for the work of a professional. You can get detailed, guided reviews of where your money currently is being used, and where it may be falling between the cracks of spending, savings, loans, investments, and more.

Church audits are just part of the services that we provide; Franklin & Franklin, PA also works as a Charlotte CPA with consultation experience as well, for individuals and organizations of many different sizes and goals. While there is no true “One Size Fits All” accounting solution, our church accounting audit comes with a level of experience and dedication that many church audit firms can't match.

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Not sure about whether or not an accountant can make a difference in your financial situation? Want to learn more about the types of improvements that we can make possible? Contact us today, and we'll speak with you about our history, our dedication, and our focus when it comes to individuals and organizations that are in your particular set of circumstances. You might be surprised at just what we can accomplish together.

Our CPA firm is thoroughly dedicated to Christian principles, upon which we have built our business and our reputation. We work to help organizations and individuals to achieve financial accountability and stability at a time when so many are having difficulty managing their finances.

Since 1986, we have provided accounting services to churches, small businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations that have required a more hands on, detailed approach to their accounting needs. As a Matthews CPA firm with experience in many different areas of accounting. Let us show you how your accounting can be handled reasonably, efficiently, and affordably.